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      How do I measure a bolt?

      You want to measure the bolt in a few ways. First is the size of the bolt. You need to identify if the bolt is standard or metric. Next would be to determine the thread pitch and the length. When measuring the length make sure to measure from the bottom of the head to the bottom of the bolt. All of these measurements can be done with a micrometer. Any questions just shoot us an email ( or text us (818) 937-3472.


      Should I use anti-seize when installing new hardware?

      Yes. You should always use anti-seize when installing new fasteners especially when using two different metals such as titanium on steel.  


      Will the anodizing fade?

      Anodizing fades. It's the nature of the finish. The "faded anodized washers" are usually that way because they were anodized overseas. Our anodizing is done in Oxnard, California which is a much higher quality anodizing than the overseas anodizing. But with exposure to UV rays and excessive heat (such as an exhaust manifold), the washers will fade at a quicker pace. Good thing is most of our hardware is meant for under the hood of a car which prolongs the fading process dramatically.   


       What are the strength of the bolts?

      Blue Zinc and Gold Zinc fasteners are class 12.9 steel

      Stainless Steel fasteners are A270 stainless steel (same as class 8.8 steel)

      Titanium fasteners are GR-5 titanium 


       Do you ship internationally?

      We do! We ship to  Australia, Brunei, Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom. We charge a flat $45 for shipping. If the shipping charge exceeds $45, we will email you an invoice for the remainder of the shipping cost. If you are outside of the countries we ship to, please contact us at with your order and we will get you taken care of!


      Do you offer sponsorships?

      We  do not offer any sponsorships or discounts of any kind. We only have 1 sale a year which is on Black Friday AKA "Bolt Friday!".


       Is there a storefront we can visit?

      The Downstar Headquarters is located in Ventura, California. We are open Monday- Friday from 10a-6p. Come by! If you want to make content out of your visit, email us and we'll set it up. We always love to meet new creatives!


      If I don't know what I want but I know that I want it, what do I do?

      Call us or text us (818) 937-3472. You can always DM us on our Instagram @Downstar. 


      WTF is the Cult?!

      The Cult is our secret text group of 1,000+ members. The Cult gets access to info before the public, new drops, giveaways, discounts, secret meets and much more. DM on IG @Downstar to join!