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J-Series Engine Dress-Up Hardware Kit


Product Information

J-Series Engine Dress Up Hardware Kit

  • Replace your OEM hardware with Stainless Steel, Blue Zinc class 12.9 or Gold Zinc class 12.9 bolt and Billet aluminum Beauty Washerss
  • Kit contains: MAP, TPS, Fuel Line Mount, Thermostat Ground, Oil Dip Stick, Hardline On TB, Throttle Cable Bracket, VTEC Solenoid, Vacuum Line Mount On Fuel Rails, Fuel Rails, Intake Manifold Covers (top*/sides), Cam Gear/Belt Plastic Covers, Thermostat Housing, Timing Belt Tensioner, ACCY. Belt Tensioner, Intake Manifold To Head, EGR*, Cam Seals, Headers, Throttle Body*, Water Passage Housing*, Oil Filter Mount. 

*Requires stud removal

Product Code: JSEDUHK