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Hybrid Titanium Engine Dress-Up Hardware Kit


Product Information

Honda Engine Dress-Up Hardware Kit (B/D/H/J/K)

  • This hardware kit replaces most of the external fasteners on your engine with stainless steel, blue zinc or gold zinc hardware & Billet Titanium Beauty Washers
  • Beauty Washers available in raw or burnt
  • 100+pc. kit
  • Kit includes:

B/D/H: TPS, IAT, DIST. Cap, Thermostat Housing Ground, FPR, VTEC Solenoid, VTEC, FITV, Cam Caps, H20 Neck, Distributor, Thermostat Housing, Throttle Body*, IACV, Exhaust Manifold*, Intake Manifold*, Fuel Rail & Slave Cylinder.

J: MAP, TPS, Fuel Line Mount, Thermostat Ground, Oil Dip Stick, Hardline On TB, Throttle Cable Bracket, VTEC Solenoid, Vacuum Line Mount On Fuel Rails, Fuel Rails, Intake Manifold Covers (top*/sides), Cam Gear/Belt Plastic Covers, Thermostat Housing, Timing Belt Tensioner, ACCY. Belt Tensioner, Intake Manifold To Head, EGR*, Cam Seals, Headers, Throttle Body*, Water Passage Housing*, Oil Filter Mount. 

K: TPS, EVAP Sensor, IACV, Throttle Cable, Cam Sensors, Shifter Cable Bracket, Thermostat, Thermostat Housing, H20 Neck, Head Bolts, VTC Strainer, Coil Packs, VSS, VTEC, Fuel Rail, Slave Cylinder, Intake Manifold*, Throttle Body*, Timing Chain Case & Crank Sensor.

F: TPS, IAT,Throttle Cable Bracket, Chain Case Cover, Cam Sensors, Crank Sensor, Cylinder Head Side Cover, Chain Tensioner, Head To Block, Ignition Coils, FPR,VTEC, VTEC solenoid, Throtle Body, IACV, Fuel Rail, Intake Manifold & Exhaust Manifold.


*This kit replaces the studs with bolts on these locations. You MUST remove the studs on these locations. Always make sure to use anti-seize when replacing hardware.


Product Code: HTEDUHK