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Hybrid Titanium Complete Mount Hardware Kit


Product Information

Hybrid Titanium Motor Mount Hardware Kit

  • Titanium Beauty Washers With Steel Fasteners
  • Kit Contains:
  • Mount To Chassis RH (96-00 Civic)
  • Mount To Chassis LH (96-00 Civic)
  • Mount To Trans (MTT)*
  • Mount To Subframe (MTS)
  • Mount To Post (2 Bolt=2BP  3 Bolt=3BP)**
  • Post To Motor (PTM)
  • Motor Mount Bolts (MMB)
  • Beauty Washers Available In 10+ Various Finishes


*Look at the mount on your transmission. There should be 3 fasteners holding the mount to the trans. The stud refers to the threaded rod sticking out of the trans where the nut goes. Count how many studs you have and choose the option that works for you. 

**This refers to the mount on the timing belt side. Verify if you have a 2 or 3 bolt mount. Easiest way to do that is to count how many fasteners hold the mount to the post. If it is 2 studs, 1 stud 1 bolt, choose one of the 2 bolt options. If it has 2 studs and one bolt, choose the 3 bolt option. Easy!


Product Code: HTCMHK