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Brake Booster Delete Kit


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Product Information

Brake Booster Delete Kit
Finally, they have arrived! Introducing the Downstar Brake Booster Delete Kit. This kit will allow you to convert your power brake system to manual brakes. With this kit you can eliminate your brake booster and vacuum line that attaches to your intake manifold. The Downstar Brake Booster Delete Kit comes with (1) Universal Honda/Acura Booster Delete Plate & (1) Bolt Boys BBD Hardware Kit. This Downstar Brake Booster Delete has a unique finish that separates it away from the rest! The necessary master cylinder can be purchased at the link below. Will fit 88-00 Civic and 90-01 Integras.

Downstar Brake Booster Delete Kit includes:
(1) Limited Edition Downstar BBD Plate
(1) Bolt Boys BBD Hardware Kit

How do the brakes feel without a booster?
We have had a booster delete kit on our company car for about a year now and have had no problem at all! It takes slightly more pressure to press the pedal, but the car stops almost the same as stock.

Does it feel like power brakes with the vacuum line disconnected?
Not at all! The factory master cylinder is designed  to be used with a booster so when you lose vacuum, your brake pedal gets extremely hard to press. Many people say it feels the same as running a stock setup without the vacuum line hooked up, but I can tell you from personal experience that it feels much better than that.

Does the Downstar BBD Kit come with a pedal adapter?
No. You must use your stock clevis. All you have to do is tap your stock clevis to match the pitch of the Wilwood rod.

How do I run all my brakes from a single port master cylinder?
All you have to do is tee the line from the master cylinder to the front and rear ports on your Proportioning valve.

*Downstar Inc. insist that all brake components be installed by professionals. All products are intended for OFF ROAD USE only.

Product Code: BBDKV2